Welcome to Bailey's Barkery! 

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After adopting my first rescue dog, I quickly found myself transforming into a true dog mom. I spoiled my pup beyond belief, and wanted only the absolute best products for her. However, I soon became frustrated with constant stomach upset and digestive issues she was experiencing. After months of switching around treats and kibble, my pup was still having issues. At this point, I decided to enroll myself in a course to become a certified dog nutritionist. 

Let's just say after completing the course, my mind was blown. I went through all of my dog treats in my home, recognizing a majority of the ingredients, especially additives and preservatives that were simply not beneficial for any dog. 

From this point on, I decided that I would begin a venture on making my own treats. I immediately fell in love with not only baking the treats, but formulating nutritional and healthy recipes. 

Every treat I make includes the highest quality human-grade foods. I strive to use organic and natural ingredients, while adding absolutely NO preservatives in any of our treats. We offer a variety of treats for any dogs' needs, whether that be grain-free, limited ingredient, or low calorie.I personally hand make every batch of treats in my own home with lots of love!

We are extremely excited to continue to develop new and unique treat recipes that every dog will love. Our goal is not only to make delicious and nutritious treats, but to also provide you with dog treats you are proud to feed your pup!

-Stephanie & Bailey


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Every single batch of treats is made to order! I hand make every batch of treats in my own home, using only organic and natural ingredients. All of our treats contain NO artificial colors or dyes, NO additives, and NO preservatives. The shelf life of the treats vary, depending upon the ingredients. However, we do suggest that you keep most treats in the refrigerator for a longer shelf life. Please note that if treats are kept in direct sunlight, they will begin to mold. We suggest storing in an air-tight container out of sun or in your refrigerator.